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Lamentations Of A Glasses/contact Lens User

I’ve worn glasses for well over a decade,it started with 3 diopter of short-sightedness(-3)from which it got worse (-6) by 1999,it has remained so ever since.It hasn’t been easy and I sure would like to see the world in HD in my lifetime and not this’. ‘NTA’ standard my eyes offer.
My Perils include:

1)SPORTING DRAWBACK: if you think zinedine Zidane,Eden Hazard,leo Messi are the most creative footballers then you’ve never seen me play,but with my eyesight I had to cool down on my football career.Infact in my University days I rarely get chosen in teams

2)ROMANTIC DRAWBACKS: There were times a got a ‘moment’ with some hot chics and as I was closing in for a french kiss my glasses sets up a awkward moment instead and my chance is gone! The glasses also give me this “he’s cute but he’s not man enough since he wears glasses!!” from girls.

3 )DOMESTIC/EVERYDAY CHALLENGES: I can’t fall asleep swiftly without looking for a means to drop my glasses somewhere,if I use contacts my sparkling eyes turn red the next day,if it’s raining/foggy my glasses becomes completely misty and unlike windshields,spectacles don’t come with wipers

4)MISCELLAENOUS: job opportunities-i studied civil engineer but I have fewer opportunities to prove myself as a good site engineer due to stereotypes

* intimidation- I was driving around Orile in Lagos when one lanky dude tried extorting money from me,merely because he felt I was weak/gentle not until I broke his nose did he realise I wasn’t weak, had to spend N2500 on his treatment



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